Acne Solutions: How To Get Rid of Pustule and Pimples | Pustule and Pimples

How to Get Rid of Pustules and Pimples

Acne Solutions: How To Get Rid of Pustule and Pimples | Pustule and Pimples - Pustules, the pus-filled pimples that are one of the most common types of acne, are never pretty. Yes, they are not as painful as acne cysts or nodules but they can get very red and inflamed. When not treated properly, pustules can also leave a trail of unsightly acne scars in their wake. What can you do about your pustules and pimples? Here's a rundown of the top five treatments for pustules:

Pustule Treatment 1: Spot Treatments

The most basic way to get rid of ugly pustules is by using a spot treatment. These go under the skin to eliminate the bacteria that cause pus to accumulate. The tricky thing about these is you have to make sure there's enough so that it can make its way to the pustule. Common spot treatments contain either benzoyl peroxide or tea tree oil, but benzoyl peroxide may be too strong and can cause dryness. You should use these after washing your face twice a day.

Pustule Treatment 2: Pop, but Pop Properly

Popping pimples is a very bad idea as you can get it more infected with your dirty hands and cause ugly acne scars. But you can safely pop your pustules, provided you use a sterilized needle and do it only when the pustule has become "ripe" and white and ready for popping. Wash both your face and your hands with warm water, and then lightly prick the pustule. Gently push the skin around the pimple to get the pus out. Then wipe the area with alcohol, and dab some witch hazel so that the pore closes.

Pustule Treatment 3: High-Tech Solutions

Manufacturers have come up with high-tech spot treatments that use lasers, heat, or radiation to get to pustules. They work pretty much the same as your topical spot treatments, but are relatively more expensive and need more regular upkeep.

Pustule Treatment 4: Go Topical

Besides spot treatments, there are a wide range of topical ointments, cleansers, gels and creams designed to get rid of pustules. Most of these, however, manage only to work on existing pustules but do little to target their root causes. For a more permanent, effective solution, you'll need an oral treatment that works from inside the body to regulate either the androgens or the excess oil production that causes acne.

Pustule Treatment 5: Oral Treatments

The best way to treat acne pustules is by nipping it at the bud so that it does not come back. This means finding a solution to control excess oil and androgen production that causes acne. This comes in the form of hormone therapies like birth control pills or vitamin supplements. You can combine these with topical treatments to ensure that you'll have clearer skin in no time.

There you have it - the top five treatments for pustules and pimples. To learn more about the different treatments for acne pustules, you can look up acne treatment reviews and learn from user experiences and comments.
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